Every youth wants to financially support their family because we know strong financial conditions weaken many other problems of our life, the same is the case with any country. What if you can financially support both family and country at the same time.

    Most of the PSU generate revenue for the country, so if you become part of these organizations you can generate revenue for your country as well as you can earn a handsome salary for your family. 

    We know sorted and simplified information is of best use, we provide all government jobs and exam related information in the simplest way possible. On this page, we would publish all notification related to the PSUs jobs. Best of luck with your career.

    PSUs jobs

    State-owned enterprises in India are known as public sector undertaking (PSUs) or a public sector Enterprise. Those companies which are owned by the government of India classified as Central Public Sector Enterprises and those are owned by State Government are called state-level public Enterprises.

    In PSU government have more than 51% of direct holding. They are administered by the ministry of heavy industries and Public Enterprises.

    When India won Independence in 1947, it was primarily an Agriculture country and the industrial base was weak. So for growth, rapid industrialization was seen as the only solution. At that time requirement of government intervention and regulation was felt, as a result, PSU came into existence. Dr. V. Krishnamurthy is the father of public sector undertaking in India.

    There were only 8 Ordinance Factory, at the time of independence, but as of now, India has 10 Maharatnas, 14 Navratnas, and 74 Miniratnas. There are nearly 300 CPSEs in total. PSU jobs are dream govt jobs for many engineers.

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