The continuous flow of blood in veins ensure our life, in the same way, Running trains ensure the development of the nation, trains are like blood and tracks are like vein. It would be a matter of great pride for anyone, who gets a chance to be part of this great organization. Along with this you also get a chance to travel and see the countryside, it’s like icing on the cake.

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    Indian Railway is the fourth-largest railway network in the world by size, with a root length of 96 thousand kilometers ( approx). About 62% of the tracks are electrified. Indian Railway has targets of electrifying all its routes by 2024. 

    Indian Railway is the largest public-sector job provider in India. Railway staff is classified into gazetted and non-gazetted employees. Gazetted employees include group A and B staff and non-gazetted employees include Group C and D staff. 

    There is no direct recruitment of group B employees. They are recruited by departmental promotional exams of Group C employees. Recruitment for group A officer is done by the Union Public Service Commission. Recruitment for Group C staff is carried out by the Railway Recruitment Board(RRB). Group D staff are recruited by railway recruitment cells(RRCs).

    Indian Railway Offers house and operates its hospitals, schools, and sports facilities for the Welfare of its staff. 

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